A Conversation with Piero Lombardo of Camera Soul – part 1

Since falling quite literally in love with the music of Marchio Bossa and their now newly formed group Camera Soul (pronounced Kam-era remember to roll the tongue on the 'ra') It's been on my mind to interview them. However with the group not speaking very much English and my Italian not stretching much further than... Continue Reading →

Not For Ordinary People by Camera Soul

Ever since the new album 'Not For Ordinary People' by Italian jazz and funk group Camera Soul landed on my doorstep, I've not really listened to very much else. ‘Not For Ordinary People’ really is as it says on the label - for people who want to hear something more than the stuff we are... Continue Reading →

Camera Soul: Words Don’t Speak

The wind and rain may be battering Britain, but in my household there's nothing by sunshine and warm feelings brought on by the music of a group of Italian musicians - collectively known as 'Camera Soul' (or Soul Room in english). Formed by highly respected artists and brothers, Piero & Pippo Lombardo, 'Camera Soul' is... Continue Reading →

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