Not For Ordinary People by Camera Soul

Camera Soul - Not for Ordinary People album coverEver since the new album ‘Not For Ordinary People‘ by Italian jazz and funk group Camera Soul landed on my doorstep, I’ve not really listened to very much else.

‘Not For Ordinary People’ really is as it says on the label – for people who want to hear something more than the stuff we are subjected to on a daily basis. Piero and Pippo Lombardo, Serena Brancale and gang take listeners back for yet another lesson at the old school of cool, funky, soul-uplifting music.

I take my hat off to the Lombardo brothers – founders of the group Marchio Bossa and now Camera Soul – just how they manage to keep their music fresh and un-repetitive after over a decade in the business I have no idea, they just keep getting better and better and ‘Not for Ordinary People’ sees the brothers taking a really bold step, as this is the first time they’ve done an album completely in English!

Working with Jazz pianist and composer Kathryn Ballard Shut of TimKat Entertainment USA, the group took full advantage of the digital age we’re living in to compose 4 of the albums songs with her. As well as the title track look out for the beautiful love song ‘Time Fades Away’ which sees Serena duet with Piero Dotti and is reminiscent of the group’s Marchio Bossa days.

Serena’s voice, just like her name is deep, calming and surpasses her youth on every song but in particular ‘Nobody Else’ a song which takes me back to the sweet old days of Hinda Hicks and good 90’s RnB music.

Of course the album wouldn’t be as fantastic as it is without the arrangements by Pippo Lombardo and the amazing musicians behind the brothers – of which I have to note Francesco Palmitessa’s guitar solo in ‘My Heart’ and Gianfranco Campagnoli, Bruno Tassone and Daniele Scannapieco for their trumpet and sax prominence on the tracks ‘Don’t like flowers’ and ‘Full of Me’, songs which are frequently on repeat in my car.

Not for Ordinary People’ an album to suit all moods will have you singing your heart out or quietly contemplating the lyrics, either way you can’t go wrong with yet another blessing from Camera Soul. I can’t wait to see them live.


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