Review: Soulfully Yours Tour in Birmingham

Following months of planning, Mousehouse Promotions finally brought together the Soulfully Yours Tour 2017 and as Shalamar sung, it was a 'Night to Remember'. Featuring Gwendolyn Collins, Kenya (USA), Arthur Miles and Camera Soul (Italy) - this was the perfect opportunity for Musicvein to head over to Birmingham and soak up some Jazz, Blues and... Continue Reading →

MusicConnex Live: Industry Executive Jon Mansfield Supports the Indie Movement

An original new music event is poised to revolutionize "Soul discovery" and take London by storm. No, it's not one of this summer's many music festivals nor the final of a talent contest - It is MusicConnex Live. On September 28th, come join Purple Reign and MusicConnex in partnership with The Jazz Cafe Camden in... Continue Reading →

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