MusicConnex Live: Industry Executive Jon Mansfield Supports the Indie Movement

Jon MansfieldAn original new music event is poised to revolutionize “Soul discovery” and take London by storm. No, it’s not one of this summer’s many music festivals nor the final of a talent contest – It is MusicConnex Live.

On September 28th, come join Purple Reign and MusicConnex in partnership with The Jazz Cafe Camden in hearing music’s coolest new emerging artists in the Soul, Jazz and Contemporary R&B genres.

Never before has an event been set up to cater to a genre of music largely overlooked in today’s music mainstream. Industry Exec Jon Mansfield, an award winning music industry entrepreneur, having worked in commercial genres for the better part of two decades saw a neglected niche and sought to help breathe life back into the British Soul scene. Jon said: “Although I have worked in all areas of the industry covering most genres I have always had a passion for Soul Music. I am keen to remind people of this great genre that seems to have been left in the corner for a while now, although a thriving scene exists, it seems to be off the Radar of most people. It’s honest, passionate and heart-warming music. It would be wonderful to see it get wider exposure and recognition”.

Responsible for over 5000 events and music sales of over 15 Million units, Jon has built up impressive knowledge, experience and long held relationships in the music, media, digital and events industries as well as building highly profitable businesses. Jon runs

MusicConnex, a company providing a platform to help independent artists in the digital age. Jon has run highly successful Artist Showcases over the years and he is determined to make MCX Live his next success: “It’s hard enough for the established artists in this Industry, MusicConnex Live is giving a platform to the new emerging artists. Whilst other industry execs might tell Artists to change their sound to fit the market, MusicConnex is giving them a platform to be authentic to their artistry and craft and be true to themselves. That’s what Soul is all about. Hopefully with our support they will find an audience who appreciate their Art in its pure form”.

The Jazz Cafe Camden are proud to be hosting MCX Live. John Tunley, Head of Programming for The Jazz Cafe said: “We play host to some of the world’s best recognized acts in the Jazz, Soul and R&B scenes. We’re thrilled to be in this partnership with MusicConnex to showcase new and emerging artists on their way to becoming the future of a genre on the cusp of a serious comeback! It’s a great move for the music industry, UK Soul and new Soul music on a global scale”.

The essence of MusicConnex Live is to capitalize on new talent poised and ready to take the industry by storm. Being genre specific, MusicConnex Live is a celebration of Soul, showcasing those carrying on the legacy of music’s most honest and heart-stirring genre.

With an international line-up MusicConnex Live(#MCXLive) will provide a stage for upcoming soul sensations not only from the UK but from Europe and the US. It is becoming a ‘Global Soul Exchange’ with artists taking part from across the world. Recent participants have come from Holland, Finland, Italy and now MusicConnex prepares for a MCX Live in Paris. Although the genre originated in the States in the mid-fifties there are now thriving scenes all over the world who produce their own artists who all add to the rich mix of contemporary interpretations of the art form. At the core what still holds true to any genuine Soul music is that it is produced from the depths of the hearts of the creatures so you can feel their expression through the music. It is more than just their technical abilities but how they express their feelings channeling it through the music. MusicConnex hopes to unify and bring together all the Soul movements across the world so they might support one another to help grow the appeal of all the artists producing the music.

On September 28 at The Jazz Cafe, MCX Live will introduce you to five independent artists – Algebra Bassett, Sulpacio Jones, Imaani, Dolla Lova and Gwendolyn Collins – more than happy to bless the mic and leave you wanting more; and with rave critics reviews and contributions to Grammy Awards within our line-up, you definitely will.

Come and witness the revival and renaissance of ‘New Soul’ music, honest songwriting, authentic musicianship and elastic vocals.

Date: Sunday 28th September 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm

Tickets: £15.00 ADV available here: or £25.00 OTD

Visit: thejazzcafe for more information

MusicConnex Sept flyer




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