Introducing ALA.NI and New Single: Papa

You may or may not have heard of singer ALA.NI but rest assured she is one to look out for in 2020! Born to Grenadian parents, and also the Great-niece of Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson - one of Britain's most popular 1920's pianists and singers- ALA.NI following her graduation from Sylvia Young Theatre School, went on... Continue Reading →

Cravetay – Not Important new single

Back in January I interviewed producer Mike Kalombo who introduced me to 15 year old singer R&B singer Cravetay. The Atlanta singer (formerly with girl group Charm) released her first solo album last year entitled IMF (It's My Fault). With an edgy style that reminds me of a young Aaliyah, Cravetay is one to keep your eye... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Damage

It's been over a year since UK Soul group Damage were on the Big Reunion TV show after which a tour followed. Now the lads have been asked to take part in the iconic Jazz Cafe's 25th Anniversary Celebrations. Musicvein caught up with Andrez, Rahsaan, Noel and Jade to talk Big Reunion, New Music and The... Continue Reading →

Montevallo by Sam Hunt

If were you lucky enough to get your hands on the Sam Hunt mixtape 'Between The Pines' - you'll find acoustic versions of much of the songs that appear on his debut album Montevallo. Although there's a lot more production involved in Montevallo the essence of the originals are still there and it makes for... Continue Reading →

Money Rains Down in Carnaby Street London

Today hundreds of biodegradable reproduction bank notes were released from a roof top in Carnaby Street, London by Grammy-nominated singer songwriter Melody Gardot - much to the delight of passers by. Gardot, who is set to release her album 'Currency of Man' on 1st June, is in town this week to perform live on Later... Continue Reading →

Currency of Man by Melody Gardot

'Currency of Man' the forthcoming album by Melody Gardot is a complete 180 in musical direction from the softly-voiced and lullaby-like songs of 'The Absence' - here Gardot is more forthright and purposeful in thought bringing you an album that will have you revved up and ready to take a stand for what's right. Just as... Continue Reading →

Send Your Love – A song for Nepal by Incognito

Super-Funky group Incognito have released charity single 'Send Your Love' for the people of Nepal. In a statement released by the group they say they were compelled to use their talents and resources to take immediate action in making the charity single for Nepal. All funds raised through publishing and iTunes sales will be donated to... Continue Reading →

X Play 2 by Daniel De Bourg coming soon

Last October saw the release of Daniel De Bourg's EP X Play (part 1) - which upon release shot straight to No# 2 on the iTunes chart! Today the world hears that X Play 2 is coming...30th May to be precise! Here's a snippet of 'Wasted' which features on the new EP and if you... Continue Reading →

Dress Code – Camera Soul

Let me start by simply saying, What do you get when you mix together the Bee Gees, Incognito, Earth Wind & Fire, Brand New Heavies, The James Taylor Quartet and Jamiroquai? and the answer is an Italian super group called Camera Soul! Since the birth of this new band - under the tender care of Piero and... Continue Reading →

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