Currency of Man by Melody Gardot

melody gardot album cover‘Currency of Man’ the forthcoming album by Melody Gardot is a complete 180 in musical direction from the softly-voiced and lullaby-like songs of ‘The Absence’ – here Gardot is more forthright and purposeful in thought bringing you an album that will have you revved up and ready to take a stand for what’s right.

Just as with method actors, Gardot is a true method-singer, immersing herself in the history of Delta Blues, humanitarian issues and the real-life stories of the oppressed to bring you an album asking people to take a moment to reflect and change.

Opening up with the bass heavy ‘It Gonna Come’ is like Gardot’s flicking through pictures, retelling stories of the people met on her street travels – “See that man holding his hand out in desperation…See that man sitting in front the jewelry store, he cant walk no more…” through her eyes we see real-life situations, different people in different circumstances but all with one goal in mind “…we are all working for the means to the end of our situation…” Gardot sings.

Where ‘It Gonna Come’ is the modern day eye opener – the hard-stepping and steely ‘Preacherman’ transports you back to the deep south, 1950’s Mississippi as Gardot reflects on down-trodden people – in particular the case of Emmett Till a black teenager who was murdered in a racial attack and whose death marked a significant moment in the Civil Rights movement. “I believe in a world where we all belong and I’m so tired of seeing every good man gone” this hard-hitting and political song comes with an equally moving video directed by Calum Macdiarmid.

‘Morning Sun’ harks back to the Melody Gardot we feel we truly know, gripping the listener in an ethereal and compelling gospel sound. The uplifting and encouraging lyrics telling that with the rebirth of the morning sun comes hope and a knowledge that life can get better “…this world was made for dreaming, this world was made for you, this world was made for believing in all the things you do…”

I love how Karma bites like a bitch in the funky and reflecting brass-tinged ‘Same To You’ and the smoky, southern, bourbon-fueled drawl of ‘Bad News’ with its wailing saxophones and haunting sounds.

Once again Melody Gardot has outdone herself with this album, ‘Currency of Man’ brings affirmation that every man in this world holds worth and purpose no matter their background or ethnicity.

If you want to be one of the first to grab the album upon its release June 1st, pre-order now from iTunes.

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