Musicvein Track of the Day: Latch by Scary Pockets ft Kenton Chen Here's Scary Pockets covering Disclosure ft Sam Smith's hit 'Latch'. It's not often a cover is better than an original but dare I say it?...Yes I Dare! What a cover Scary Pockets! Totally got this booty shaking, funky/samba-esque, track on repeat all day. Definitely worth checking these guys out, especially their cover of Al... Continue Reading →

Chloe Ray – The Bitter End

  Yesterday, we heard about Chloe Ray's journey as an artist since releasing her debut EP last year - 'Waiting Room'. This year her follow up EP 'Reprise' entered the UK Singer/Songwriter Charts at No. 4 just behind Ed Sheeran! So what is it that made people warm to this EP? This week Chloe Ray... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Chloe Ray

Last week I posted a quick review on Chloe Ray's debut EP 'The Waiting Room' but just who is this new singer from London, and what makes her tick. Musicvein had a chat with the singer/songwriter to find out more. Tell me about your influences? "Well from an early age I sort of was interested in... Continue Reading →

Italian Renaissance

When we think of Italy it's hard not to mention the word Passion, for Italian people are passionate in just about everything! Well known for being leaders in Art, Fashion, Food, Football and keepers of Traditional Values, it seems they are born with the emotion surging through their veins. But what I've noticed recently is... Continue Reading →

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