100 Songs 100 Days: Day 5 – Mary J Blige

  Music Challenge Day 5: Mary J Blige - All Night Long It's been a long day finalizing the last part of my Marketing assignment due in tomorrow and as I kick back with a banging headache, I hear the Mary Jane Girls 'All Night Long' begin to play. What an absolute gem of a … Continue reading 100 Songs 100 Days: Day 5 – Mary J Blige

Talking Revivals with Ray Hayden

Who can forget the smoky voice of Martine Girault on the track 'Revival' featured on the Nescafe Ad all those years ago, well the producer of that track Ray Hayden is back.  Re-issuing this song and a whole back catalogue of hits spanning 2 decades for the first time online. Ray, who's worked with the likes of … Continue reading Talking Revivals with Ray Hayden

A Mary Christmas by Mary J Blige

With only 33 days left till Christmas Day, I thought I'd kick off the festive season with a review of Mary J Blige's first ever Christmas album! 'A Mary Christmas' is just the present so many of her adoring fans have been waiting decades for and it does not disappoint. You won't find classic Christmas songs … Continue reading A Mary Christmas by Mary J Blige