Harriet Eaves Reaches Fundraising Target for Plan UK

Last week was a punishing week for Jazz singer Harriet Eaves as she rose to the challenge of living on less than £1 per day, raising awareness for Plan UK - a charity to help children of poorer countries have better lives. The past few days had seen her live on a very basic diet... Continue Reading →

Harriet Eaves – Day 4 of Living Below The Line

Day 4 out of 5 for Harriet Eaves and the checkered flag is in sight - I wonder what slap up meal she'll be treating herself to on Saturday. Over the course of the week Harriet has been living off less than £1 per day to raise the awareness of extreme poverty which 1.2 billion... Continue Reading →

Help Harriet Eaves Raise Money For Charity Plan UK

This week singer Harriet Eaves has managed to live on less than £1 per day in efforts to raise money for Plan UK. She got involved with the Live Below The Line challenge which aims to raise awareness of the 1.2 billion people estimated to be living in extreme poverty. Musicvein is following her extremely... Continue Reading →

Harriet Eaves – Day 2 of Living Below The Line

Day 2 of Living Below The Line for Harriet Eaves and it seems like she has the hang of this - looking at the lunch I'm still not sure I could do this...will she make it through to Friday??? "This week I'm eating and drinking on just £1 per day with thousands of others across... Continue Reading →

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