Review: Sunny Ozell – Driving Highways

Sunny Ozell takes everyone to church with ethereal, gospel-tinged track 'Driving Highways', from forth-coming album 'Overnight Lows' due out in 2020. The album, written by Sunny and a community of New York Village musicians, Andy Hess and Ethan Eubanks who worked on her debut as well as Adam Levy and Jason Blynn with sounds inspired... Continue Reading →

Review: Wolves by Karuna

Nothing but praise for the Liverpool quartet going by the name of Karuna - whose third single 'Wolves' is due for release this Friday 30th June. Follow poetic lead singer Rosa as she takes you on a journey in her mind fighting demons of fear which metamorphosize into wolves. Hear the racing heartbeat of Ed... Continue Reading →

Nishe – Lose Control

Last week delivered to my inbox was a video from a band London based band called Nishe and it's blown me away, I can't stop playing it! Kind of Red Hot Chili Peppers in style, 'Lose Control' brings bursts of energy with an undercurrent of funk flowing through - it's revitalising, I haven't heard an Indie... Continue Reading →

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