Review: Die Alone by Aura

Playing ‘Die Alone’, the new single by Aura Davis on rotation, is like a symbolic cleansing of the mind.

Reminding me of the Chili Peppers hit ‘Under the Bridge’, Aura purges her mind baring confession of how she feels trapped by past stigmata. Tormented in not wanting to turn back, yet feeling unable to move forward, the overwhelming feelings of anxiety come crashing down, drowning her.

Yet, the chorus seems bi-fold, sure you have the drowning in the literal sense but the way Aura sings about laying her head under the water, sounds more like following confession, she’s baptized and cleansed, her former darkness departed as she’s reborn stronger, ready to tell her story and enlighten.

Recalling my conversation with Aura last year, she stressed the importance of digging deep within to express herself in song, “it’s really important for me to dive into every corner of my mind’s creativity “– and she certainly lived up to those words in ‘Die Alone’, available to buy, download or stream on all major platforms.

Let me know what you think?

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