Buddy Holly Back in the UK Top 20 after 60 Years

60 years since Buddy Holly first entered the UK album charts, with ‘The Chirping Crickets’ in 1958, the rock and roll pioneer is back in the Top 20, with an album which picks up where he left off at his very last recording session. ‘True Love Ways’, a collection of Buddy’s most beloved hits set to brand new... Continue Reading →

Drake Breaks 54 Year Old Billboard Record

Drake has scored his 12th Top 10 Spot on the Billboard's Hot 100 chart through his collaboration with Bad Bunny. This position sees him breaking a 54 year old record set by The Beatles who had 11 Top 10 singles on the Hot 100 in 1964! Drake, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, who celebrates his 32... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Iron Islands

There's something intriguing about the music created by London trio Iron Islands, that Musicvein had to catch up with Martin Andrew of the band to find out more. MV: Tell us more about Iron Islands, How did it all begin for you guys? II: "I met Al (bass player) around 12/13 years ago as he played in... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Interviews Walter Di Bello on Debut Album The Right Thing To Do

On my never ending quest for seeking out great new music, I recently came across Italian musician Walter Di Bello – his striking voice and style intrigued me, so Musicvein tracked him down to find out more. Talking from his home in the beautiful city of Salerno, Italy, Walter gave Musicvein an insight to his... Continue Reading →

Musicvein Gets the Low-down on Mark Mathews

Metro Newspaper readers voted him as 'One of the Best Artists in London', his EP's have set tongues wagging and now musician Mark Mathews embarks on his latest challenge of releasing one track, for every month in 2017! Musicvein caught up with Mark following the release of his 3rd song this year, entitled 'The Informer',... Continue Reading →

New Music by Sananda Maitreya aka Terence Trent D’Arby

For me it's been a while since I've heard anything from Terence Trent D'Arby and only recently learned that he's changed his name! "Old News!" I hear you die hard fans crying out - but hands up, you got me, I straight up didn't know. So when I received an email telling me about the... Continue Reading →

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