Musicvein Interviews Walter Di Bello on Debut Album The Right Thing To Do

Walter Di Bello

On my never ending quest for seeking out great new music, I recently came across Italian musician Walter Di Bello – his striking voice and style intrigued me, so Musicvein tracked him down to find out more.

Talking from his home in the beautiful city of Salerno, Italy, Walter gave Musicvein an insight to his new album The Right Thing To Do.

MV: Buongiorno Walter, I’ve just come across the video for ‘The Right Thing To Do’ and see that you have released an album by the same name, tell me about it and how you came to be an artist.

Walter: “Yes, the album ‘The Right Thing To Do’ is my first album and I’m very proud of this achievement,” he begins.

“From a young age I wanted to create the music that was inside me, so at 14 I decided I wanted to learn the guitar, after 2 years of tutoring I felt ready to begin my journey as a musician. I used to listen to a lot of pop music but it was the sounds of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Pink Floyd that drew me in. Now artists like Paulo Nutini I admire because of the music style, it made me realise that acoustic and folk music was the style that I wanted to make.

My album ‘The Right Thing To Do’, is very mellow and all about questioning our lives, what can we do to feel better?  How can we understand other people and situations that are happening? Life inspires me to write and this is what we have in this album.”

Musicvein: So what’s next for you?

Walter:Well every weekend I perform at various places with other musicians in Southern Italy. I’ll be promoting this new album and writing more songs.

Next year I hope to travel to England and play over there but for now, people can find me in Italy and of course online.”

The Right Thing To Do is available to stream on Spotify or to buy via iTunes (Italy) or CD Baby

To keep up to date on his music and news, follow Walter Di Bello

Twitter @Walter_DiBello

Facebook: Pietro Walter Di Bello

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