Emmanuel Nwamadi – Misconceptions and Truth

In 2015 Emmanuel Nwamadi secured his spot on BBC's The Voice, the show that would radiate his talent to some 8.5 million viewers. The UK press herald him as having a 'soulful voice' likened to 'Seal' and 'Barry White', but the artist himself felt otherwise and rather misunderstood. Taking a few minutes out of his... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Portishead – Glorybox

Released in 1995, Glory Box by Portishead is a real sultry classic. Searching for equality in a relationship and yearning to be a partner's everything - this song cries out for a man to let a woman have a moment of taking charge. I just love the ethereal tempo, with the ravishing guitar striking through,... Continue Reading →

In Conversation with Little Brother Eli

Last year Musicvein caught a ripple from Oxfordshire band Little Brother Eli. That ripple soon turned into a wave down south as the outfit smashed out hit after hit, bringing in a tidal wave of fans. Embarking on the release of their first Live Album this month, Musicvein had to catch up with the band... Continue Reading →

Review: Tshegue – The Wheel – A Subliminal Message of Faith

Loving the new thumping track 'Wheel' by French-Congolese singer Faty Sy Savanet aka Tshegue. With a hypnotic, electronic beat - the equally heart-racing accompanying video shows the Club Etoile Rollers - some as young as 13, careering around the streets of Kinshasa, fearlessly hanging on to the backs of vehicles as Tshegue flows "Just keep... Continue Reading →

FJK Performs Majestic Set in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

A lot of artists I interview say they take their inspiration from nature and their surroundings but no one took that statement further than FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) when he performed live from Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, courtesy of Cercle. Cercle, known for filming artists in the most unique of settings, streaming it live on... Continue Reading →

Review: Little Brother Eli Get Intimate with Backseat Becky’s Crowd

Westgate, Oxford, and Little Brother Eli spent an intimate evening with a small Backseat Becky's crowd. Entering the brightly, pastel-coloured Breakfast Club diner, with sumptuous wafts of waffles, chicken wings and sweet potatoes in the air, the instructions were to head behind the SMEG fridge. Feeling a sense of illicit intrigue, I pulled back the... Continue Reading →

Empowering Female DJ’s: 4 Women Tackle Industry Bias

DJ Lady Style DJ Lykx | DJ Myma | Miss DVS There's been a steady rise in female DJ's over the past decade but cutting through the noise of a male-dominated industry is still very much a challenge faced. Musicvein caught up with four women in the DJ world, who talked about the bias, sexism... Continue Reading →

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