Welsh Football fans bid to get Dafydd Iwan a UK No. 1

Welsh people are in a very celebratory mood this week after their football team qualified for the World Cup – the first time in 64 years!

Pre-match Dafydd Iwan sang traditional folk song, “Yma O Hyd“, which has been adopted as an unofficial Welsh anthem, and following their win against Ukraine, sang again along with emotional crowd of near 33,000 supporters.

Following the match fans set the mill going in a bid to get the song to number one by encouraging downloads. The social media frenzy was such that the song did in fact reach No.1 of the iTunes chart, knocking Kate Bush off the perch!

Now it’s not the first time that Welsh sport fans have gotten Dafydd to the top of the iTunes chart – in fact in 2020 he reached the same feat with the same song, which just shows the power of the people, such unity, passion and strong support for their tradition and culture, which is what “Yma O Hyd” is all about.

Now though the iTunes chart isn’t one that we all instantly turn to, it does play a vital role in figures for the Official Top 40.

The iTunes chart is based on download purchasing activity of the past 24hrs. This is an indication of a songs popularity at that particular moment and often spikes with media activity. Recently Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” featured on Netflix’ Stranger Things, causing fans to download the hit and climb Bush to the top! The frenzy around Wales’ World Cup qualifier saw Dafydd knock Bush off the top perch and give him the crown.

So does that mean he’s in with a chance of getting into the UK Top 40? Well the mainstream UK Top 40 is a weekly culmination of physical purchases, audio/video streams and downloads which gives the chart positioning. Streaming/download sites like iTunes report their figures to the Official Chart so the purchasing power of the Welsh people, supporters and fans of Dafydd is integral for his chances of success.

But before we all jump for joy and place bookie-bets, to give an indication on streaming figures of the UK Top 40…

According to the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) you need 1.5m weekly streams to hit the Top 40 and 8-10m weekly to hit the UK No.1! So while it’s not impossible for Dafydd Iwan to reach number one, he may have a way to go to reach Harry Styles who’s currently on near 9m streams this week.

Let me know what you think?

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