James Zavaleta – EP review

Is there anything hotter than a man who can sing? that combined with sexy salsa rhythms, latin sung verses and you have a hedonistic cocktail that spins your senses into a frenzy.

James Zavaleta a man wise beyond his 25 years is poised to set the Latin world ablaze with his debut EP. Having worked as a backing singer and percussionist with a wealth of Latin superstars including Victor Manuelle, Eddie Santiago, Albita and Orestes Vilató, he is now ready to unleash his own talent on the world.

Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Producer James drew on his latin culture and love of Salsa to bring you a highly emotive EP. With elements of Soul and Jazz, James delivers each song with passion and conviction. Even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish, the voice of this man – like a snake charmer – will have you up out of your seat, hips-swaying and salivating for more.

Check out his song Tu Laberinto below, to purchase his album visit iTunes and for more information you can catch him at www.jameszavaleta.com or Twitter @jameszavaleta


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