The Music of Love – Andrea Bocelli

I couldn’t possibly let Saint Valentines Day pass without posting music by one of my favorite Artists Andrea Bocelli.

I must admit, classical music had never been of much interest to me until the moment I watched Andrea in the tv broadcast of ‘Under The Desert Sky‘.

The beauty of Andrea’s voice, the way it seemed to speak to my soul, had me in that moment in time completely and utterly mesmerised. To hear his vocal range go from low to high in the same breath had me amazed – I immediately went out, bought his albums ‘Vivere‘ & ‘Amore‘ and played them daily.

The great thing about Andrea in his album ‘Amore’,  is the way he has managed to combine classical music with pop to create a beautiful work of art.

‘Amore’ sees him collaborating with artists such as Kenny G, Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera, remaking classics by Elvis and my favorite piece by Consuelo Valazquez – Besame Mucho.

If your looking for the perfect album to play on Valentines Day or any other, Amore is a must – find it here on iTunes

I’ll leave you with this…

Let me know what you think?

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