Bhype speaks to Musicvein about the Hype and OneMic

 The Bhype tale began one fateful day in his cousin Leah’s car,  he flipped on the stereo and was immediately captivated by the vibe coming through the speakers. As the music took control of his soul, Bhype knew that his destiny was in the music industry be it as an MC or Producer.

Fast forward 10 years and that is exactly what the 25 year old south-londoner is doing. Having scoured record stores in his youth, immersing himself in the scene and taking lesson from the best artists in the field, Bhype emerged fully charged, focused and ready to take the Uk scene by storm with the Bhype brand.

“I bring the hype to the scene! Hard work and determination, I foresee my projects through to the end. It starts off as a vision and materializes before my eyes and ears – word for word. Growing up I listened to a lot of genres as I was partly raised in Jamaica and as a teen I listened to a lot of garage crews like Pay as You Go Cartel and The Heartless Crew but I take inspiration from many things in life, not just other artists.”

Following the release of various mixtapes Bhype the MC and Producer is now honing in on his songwriting skills, as he’s often asked to write for other artists, in addition to this he’s learning to play the piano and guitar,“I’ve taught myself most of what I know,” he explains “I’m now just learning the official terminology I guess, but I love writing and producing.”

So what does 2012 hold for Bhype? “It’s all about the videos! plenty of footage and releases coming throughout the year.” Watch this space for details on a free mixtape download coming soon and for up to the minute information check out his twitter page @bhype_uk or 

Bhype on #OneMic:

In the aftermath of the Rap battle, Musicvein caught up with Bhype to get the dirt on what he thought of the competition and his competitors, he’s what he had to say.

What was the whole experience like for you? “I really enjoyed myself, there was a good turn out and the crowd responded better than I expected. I got to perform an exclusive track which was very exciting for me and the judges comments were well appreciated – the judges believed the hype!

What did you think of Smartz & FDot1 who were in the same category as you? “It was the first time I had come across Smartz and my first impressions were postive, I got into his track ‘Darkest Days’ – I know I like it because I can remember the title haha. Myself and FDot1 go back, we’ve already collaborated on tracks, so it was never a competition for me. I just took the opportunity to bless the stage and entertain people.”

So what will you take from being in the competition? “I will take the connections, the photos and footage and place them in my ‘Good Times’ folder, he laughs. ” Seriously though, I have a lot of following up to do from the event – my inbox is still beeping, it’s gonna be a busy year.”

So who do you think the winner of the Rap Category will be? B-hype, Fdot1 or Smartz to find out Tune in to Sky Channel 199, Monday 5th March at 10pm.


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