FDot1 speaks to Musicvein about Beethoven and OneMic

 Born and raised in Barbados, Canada, Zimbabwe, the States and UK! Rap artist and producer Fdot1 is a simmering pot of cultures which comes to life through his music.

For as far back as he can recall he’s always had a fondness for music. Be it as a child playing the drums, dancing at family reunions – where bemused elders would give him money for his moves – to simply listening to the music of his peers. But it was one track in particular that is forever etched in Fdot1’s memory as the epiphany that set him on course to being the artist and producer he is today. “I heard my cousin playing ‘The Message’ by Grand Master Flash, I felt like the snake when the snake charmer starts to play his flute, I was Transfixed! and convinced they were speaking to me.”

The past decade saw Fdot’s steady growth in the industry, where he won awards for Best New Artist and Rapper, made appearances on Radio 1 Xtra and worked with some of the finest talent in the business – Miss Dynamite, De La Soul and Asher D (of So Solid fame) to name a few.

Speaking of the things that inspire him he notes his biggest influences as Bob Marley and 2pac as well as other artists such as Dr Dre, Dj Premier, Timbaland and believe it or not Beethoven! “Whatever you listen to as an artist does have an effect on what you do. I listen to all kinds of music because if I just listened to hip hop my sound would be just like everyone elses. Whether I listen to rock, jazz or drum n bass, I can use elements of what i’ve heard in MY sound. Everything I’ve ever heard plays its part in my creativity.” But the thing that makes Fdot differ from the rest is his lyrics, “…there’s more honesty and substance to what I do than what you hear normally. I don’t make ‘Hood’ music or Hip hop, there’s no ‘bitches and hoes’ or ‘kill a nigga, take his money,” rhetoric, nor am I politically charged or preach as if i’m without sin! I just offer my experiences of living life over a canvas that varies.

This year sees him collaborating with Durrty Goodz, Sizzla and David Mensah (stay tuned for more information on that) and at the end of March touring the USA with shows scheduled in New York and Philadelphia.

His album ‘Money MusicK‘ is available to download at iTunes and features other producers and artists that Fdot truly admires such as Vivid Beatz & Strat Carter (producers) and UK hip hop artist Malarchi. “I’m not an artist that’s just about me, I bring in my people to showcase their talent too.” New artists like Kyra Simone, 2amplified, Dray Delta and Stat-Us all feature on his album. His latest single ‘She’s So” is also now available on iTunes.

For further updates follow @Fdot1tv on twitter, listen to his productions on Soundcloud or visit his website www.fdot1.com

Fdot1 on #OneMic:

Following a breath-taking performance from Fdot1 (who even serenaded me) Musicvein caught up with Fdot to get the low down on the competition and competitors.

What was the whole competition like for you? “First off I’ve got to thank Fokz and the whole Rep Dat family, Darkness Records and OHtv for inviting me to be part of it. It was an interesting experience, I haven’t been involved in a ‘competition’ since my school days! I’ve also got to say thanks to the judges for their comments because it was good to hear what peers think of my music. The fact they like the song and performance in general is motivational as it shows I must be doing something right.”

Has being in the competition led to any further opportunities? “It has as a matter of fact, I’ve gained more followers on Twitter and I’ve been invited to do a few radio interviews as well.”

What did you think of Smartz & B-hype who were in the same category? “Shout out to both B-hype and Smartz for doing their thing. It was a tough heat, B-hype set a high standard. After his performance, it was “bring your A-game” or come up short. Smartz had a good presence too. All in all I thought our category was the hardest to judge – RESPECT to both of them.”

So who do you think the winner of the Rap Category will be? Fdot1, Smartz or B-hype? to find out Tune in to Sky Channel 199, Monday 5th March at 10pm.

Fdot1 – She’s So on MUZU.TV.


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