Smartz speaks to Musicvein about his inspiration and OneMic

 Hailing from North-west London, 24 year old Rapper Smartz has had a passion for music ever since he was a child in the school playground, he just knew that his journey in life would be on the musical path. “Music has been my passion for years, I’ve been in this business before I even saw it as a business!” he exclaims.

Having been heavily involved within the industry for the past 3-4 years, Smartz has come a long way in a short space of time. His recent releases sees him collaborating with respected artists like Gappy Ranks, while his music videos have even appeared on tv.

With his popularity amongst peers steadily growing along with a band of loyal followers, what is it about the Smartz sound that has everyone hooked?”There are no limits or boundaries with music, this is my freedom so I give the listener my passion, pain and pleasure with hopefully something they can relate to.” Which is certainly the case with his track ‘Darkest Day’.

And what of the artists that inspire Smartz? “I’m inspired by music as a whole, the whole element of it keeps me going.”he explains.”Artists that display passion, soul, energy and heart do it for me. I like them for many different reasons so I could be here all day naming names!”

Smartz’ latest pre album can be downloaded for free from and for the singles ‘Red Handed‘ ft Pierre Amil, ‘Whole World‘ ft Gappy Ranks & ‘Darkest Day‘ visit iTunes, but for up to the minute information on Smartz follow him on twitter @smartz1ne

Smartz on #OneMic:

After one hell of a showdown in the Rap category Musicvein spoke with Smartz about the competition and his competitors, here’s what he had to say;

What was the whole experience like for you? “To be honest I did not look at it from the competition angle. It was an opportunity to showcase my lastest single ‘Darkest Day’. It was good to know that (judge) Tippa was feeling the vibes, all of their feedback was appreciated.”

What will you take from being in the competition & has it led to further opportunities?“It was a good night, just want to give a shout out to Rep Dat and everybody involved on the night – we’ll just see what happens, I’ve gained a few followers so i’m grateful for that. I’ve also been receiving regular radio play from Charlie Sloth (BBC Radion 1xtra) and DJ Limelight (BBC Asian Network).”

What did you think of Fdot1 & B-hype who were in the same category? “I was feeling B-hype’s energy on the night, his performance was good.”

So what does 2012 hold for you? “I’m currently doing more videos and always in the studio recording at the moment. Just focusing on developing my sound and craft.

Who do you think will be KO’d in this heavy-weight round? Smartz, B-hype or Fdot1? Tune into Sky Channel 199, Monday 5th March at 10pm to find out.


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