The Passionate and Sassy Davinia Rodriques speaks to Musicvein about One Mic

Meet Davinia Rodriques, a 25 year old University Graduate of Jamaican and Cuban heritage.

For Davinia her love for singing was founded in the church at the tender age of 3, “I’ve always loved singing and Gospel is one of my favorite types of music to sing.” she begins “I also love Soul and Neo Soul, I love to sing with passion and meaning.”

Speaking of the artists who influence her and the music she makes, Davinia recalls a long list of memorable artists of which include; Mariah Carey, the late Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, the legendary De La Soul and Jill Scott. I draw my inspiration from everything I listen too! but I’m not imitating anyone. The fact that I am just being me makes me different. I express me in my music and would say that I’m bringing back an essence of music from the heart and soul.”

Davinia on One Mic:

Following the competition, Musicvein caught up with Davinia to find out what she thought of the competition in general.

MV: What was the whole experience like for you? “I really enjoyed the experience, It was a different atmosphere but I felt comfortable and the warmth of the audience certainly helped. I appreciated the judges comments on the night, however I would slightly disagree with Tippa Irie, Maria Kempinska and Solomon Penumuchi who felt that the song didn’t show my voice. You can’t judge someone’s capabilities based on one song. With the type of song I sung, it was required that less meant more. If it was a power ballad then fair enough, but as Tippa rightfully said the song was sensual – so in order for me to ‘belt’ it out wouldn’t have been right.”

MV: And what did you think of Andrea and Deja who were competing against you? “I thought they were fantastic artists. We all had a different style in the way we represented soul music and it was done beautifully. Andrea’s lyrics for her song were deep and very thought provoking while Deja had the smooth approach that made the women melt.”

MV: So what will you take from being in the competition? “Never forget you contact lenses and go on stage blind!” she laughs. “I couldn’t see a thing! but on a serious note I have taken helpful tips on my performance and gained inspiration from other artists in their style and lyrical sense. The exposure gained from the show has been useful and funny enough I have gained more fans, who have shown an appreciation for my music – I’m eternally grateful for that. It’s sounds cliché but it’s true that the fans really do boost you as an artist and encourage you to keep going.”

Davinia is currently working on producing an album so make sure you return to Musicvein for an update. For now though, how do you think she faired against Andrea and Deja Fate? Will she gain a place in the final…

For regular updates and gig news, Davinia can be found on Twitter @daviniathevoice


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