Deja Fate on One Mic with Musicvein

Soul singer Deja Fate from Essex, began his career as an MC, performing along the likes of Viper and Dj EZ to name a few – info take from website

Originally not billed to perform on One Mic, here’s what he had to say on his experience.

MV: What was the One Mic experience like for you? “I really enjoyed it, it was well organised and the team was really helpful.”

MV: I watched you before you went up on stage, you looked a little nervous, were you? “No!” he laughs “I don’t get nervous, I was just getting focused and looking forward to taking to the stage.”

MV: What did you think of Andrea and Davinia who you were competing against? “I think they were really good and since the competition I have been following them on twitter.”

MV: What will you take from being in the competition? “The judges comments, they were great and had some useful tips which is priceless in this industry.”

How do you think Deja did against Andrea and Davinia? Will he gain a place in the final?

For more information you can catch Deja on twitter @dejafate_

Let me know what you think?

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