Sunrize speaks to Musicvein about One Mic

Hailing from the beautiful island of St Lucia, but currently residing in the South-East of England is Sunrize. Her love and passion for music first came about through her mother who was a choir conductor and exposed the early Sunrize to many different genres of music.

As a teenager of around 15/16 years of age Sunrize decided to embark on a professional career and began performing in National shows and hotels both as a solo artist as well as a trio. She later joined a band, touring the UK, Europe and America.

Drawing her inspiration from a wide range of artists which include: The late Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Jill Scott, Celine Dion, Buju Banton and more recently Miss Lush Lightyear (see pic insert), Sunrize explains to Musicvein what makes her sound different to others, “Vocally my tone, range and style can fit many different genres. I’ve done Soca, Reggae, Pop, RnB, Ballads and more Jazzy numbers, (so) what makes it different is that it’s not specific to one particular genre. Many people say I should choose one but where’s the fun in that?” she laughs.

The Competition:

After the competition, MusicVein caught up with Sunrize to get the low down on the competitors and what she actually thought about the show:

What was the whole competition experience like for you? “Being part of the OneMic competition was great. I am so thankful to the Repdat team and Rhian of Rouge a Levres (PR) for including me. To be honest I viewed it as more of a promotional opportunity than a competition. It was great that the judges were so complimentary and I liked that Lush said she liked the hook of my song – that was memorable. I agree with Soloman to a point about my vocals because i’m always working on stretching my voice and style to another level, but I would have liked a little more constructive criticism.”

What did you think of Askala and Reddman Uk who were in the same category? “All the acts who performed were talented and very entertaining. It was nice performing on the same stage as them. Both Askala and Reddman are talented artists who will only keep progressing, they both seem really nice and down to earth people. I met a lot of lovely people (on the night) and I wish them all the best in this business.”

What will you take from being in the competition? “Oh so much! The biggest thing is the reminder that I need to let go when i’m on the stage, just have fun…and I need to get out a bit more lol. It has led to other opportunities though, interviews with radio and working with FDot1’s management team, so, we’ll see how that goes.”

For up to date information on Sunrize, visit her twitter page @Sunrizesings and I’ll leave you with her single “Wanna See you” which will be available along with her album on iTunes soon.

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