Askala Selassie

The dream began in 2005, for the then 20 year old, Askala Selassie. After a show she appeared on Bob Marley’s original Wailer sisters befell upon her the honour of touring Europe with them, Askala being the youngest ever Wailer sister to date!

Following the end of the tour, Askala released an EP ‘Put Jah First’, which is available for ‘free’ download, and is currently working on new material due for release in the Spring/Summer of 2012.  Often liken to Lauren Hill, who she takes her inspiration from along with of course Bob Marley, Askala says of her sound that is ‘versatile’ so listeners should ‘watch out’ for what she has coming next.

Askala Selassie on One Mic:

Musicvein caught up with the beautiful Askala Selassie to find out how she felt about the competition.

MV: What was the whole competition experience like for you? “I really enjoyed the whole One Mic/Repdat/OHtv experience! It was so nice to meet other artists and also the people behind the event.”

MV: What did you think of Infa Reddman and Sunrize who were competing against you? “I enjoyed their performances and think that with more experience on the stage, they will shine more.”

MV: You won the Reggae category, Congratulations on that, How did it feel to win? ” I was really happy to represent Reggae music and was ecstatic when I won my category as I put my all into my performance.”

MV: Did you think that you’d win your category? “I did think I would win as vocally my performance was stronger. I have been performing at a lot of shows in professional settings and believe that those experiences have helped me a lot.”

MV: What did you think of the judges comments in particular Tippa Irie’s on your dress sense? “The main reason I wanted to do this show was to get some outside feedback on myself as a singer/songwriter. I really value constructive criticism and was so grateful for the comments. Solomans comments that I was a really good song writer with the strong voice, was the most touching, it was nice to be recognised for my songwriting ability. In response to Tippa’s comments…everyone is entitled to their opinion, I always watch my performances back over and over to find ways to improve. At this show I wanted to dress differently than I usually do on stage, so i’ll take his comments on board.”

MV: What will you take from being in the competition? “I was reassured by the judges that I am on the right track with my music so will just keep pushing forward, and as Bhype says…I will ‘Believe the Hype!”

So here it is Askala Selassie has taken the 2nd place through to the One Mic Grand Final and joins Bhype, there’s one space left waiting for either Davinia Rodriques, Deja Fate or Andrea Galaxy – who will take that final place and furthermore who will win??

Tune in to Repdat on OHtv (Sky channel 199) Monday19th March at 10pm for the Soul category.

For more information on Askala you can find her on Twitter @askalaselassie or her Facebook Fanpage

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