Deja Fate Wins Repdat One Mic

 It was a difficult night for the judges on deciding the winner of Repdat‘s One Mic but ultimately it was the accapella performance by Deja Fate that saw him to victory.

Here’s what the other artists had to say about Deja:

Askala Selassie: “I think he’s a really nice person and I really enjoyed listening to him, he has a great voice and also good mic control.”

Bhype: “I had the crowd on the night but I feel Deja’s smooth vocals got him the title, I’d still like to work with him in the future though.”

Davinia Rodrigues: “He’s a really cool guy. Sweet, charming, handsome and very talented. I think he did well.”

Fdot1: “Deja…Wow! Love his voice. From he hit that first note, I was sold – his voice is huge. He’s definitely got the potential to go far, we’ve been talking about a collaboration so watch this space.”

Sunrize: “I love the tone in Deja’s voice and his quiet confidence. Being honest I ddn’t expect him to win but he’s a worthy winner nonetheless. I look forward to hearing more from him.”

And the final word from the man himself…

“Everyone was so talented it was so tight” he gushed in his winning speech “I’m feeling blessed. Thank you Repdat, OHtv, Everybody.”

So that wraps up this series of One Mic by Repdat, for updates on future shows follow them on twitter:





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