One Mic Season 2

Rep Dat are back on OHTV (Sky 199) this Friday 10th August with One Mic Season 2for four weeks – and it’s better than ever!

Just when you thought you’d found the UK’s hottest acts in – B-Hype, Askala Selassie and last season’s winner Deja to name just three – be prepared to be blown away once more by yet more hot talent unveiled in the new series.

Filmed for OHTV at the exclusive Kempinska club, London, One Mic brings you innovation and inspiration – a real breath of fresh air to the current crop of mainstream talent shows being broadcast. Contestants go head to head in battle over 3 genres of music – Reggae, Soul and Hip Hop – all fighting for the One Mic crown, a studio session with Unit 10 Recordings plus a video produced by Jimmy Chiba of CHIBA VISUALS.

With respected industry professionals judging each round – Maria Kempinska, founder of Jongleurs, Jamal Miah of Darkness Records, Lush highly respected artist and Solomon Penumuchi an A&R manager for Universal Records – the contestants had to ensure their skills were sharp as the judges didn’t hold back with their thoughts and comments (watch out for Solomon!)
I caught up with a few of the contestants 2xBobbi, Emiliyah and Gamal to see what they thought to the show, here’s what they had to say.
Musicvein What was the whole competition experience like for you?
Gamal John Very interesting and very inspiring, the support from the crowd left me breathless to tell you the truth. It was a tough competition, all the acts were very good especially Jaystar and the judges were great too.

Emiliyah Witkiewicz It was really good and a great opportunity to be on stage showcasing what I can do. I’m always looking to improve myself and the crowd was great. Some of the judges comments were not so positive, particulary about my voice not being suited to Reggae but I didn’t mind. I didn’t go on the show to win, just to show what I can do and have a good time.

 2xBobbi It’s all about the music man! I didn’t even view One Mic as a competition, I just wanted to enjoy myself. Being there was a blessing, getting to where I did was a blessing and I had good feedback both from the crowd and judges so I was on high. It felt good to be acknowledged for what I do.
MV What were your thoughts on each other?
2xB Gamal and Emiliyah were very good
GJ Bobbi was unusually comfortable and very laid back on stage, he certainly had the crowd with his style. Emiliyah…wow she’s got some vocals on her!! She’s great.
EW Bobbi had the commercial look and style that people like, people will like him. Gamal, Gamal, Gamal – he was AMAZING! I was very proud to be on stage with both of them but Gamal just stole the heart of every woman in the audience, his voice left me speechless even to now! I wish him all the best and I’m eagerly awaiting his album.
MV What will you take from being on One Mic?
EW More confidence and experience. I will keep my individuality though. It’s hard for us as artists to know who we really are when judges and industry people tell us how to dress and how to be but whether their comments are positive or negative, I will just filter out the bits that best for me and take that on board to progress. I’m on a musical journey right now and just want to make people happy with my music. I’m aiming to have my debut album out by the end of this year.

GJ All the judges comments will be taken on board, since the filming of the show I’ve been in the gym and have begun thinking more about my stage presence and style. I’m just trying to be more industry focused but without losing who I really am so I’ll be keeping my own music style! I’m also currently working on an album which I’m hoping to release by March 2013.

 2xB I’ll take the judges comments, they all showed love and had great constructive criticism – I liked that. I have my EP ’1 Away’ out now which can be downloaded from iTunes, it contains a new style and sound for me – I just want to continue to Inspire the Uninspired through my music.
Other acts on the show includes Shirley Wilson, Cyrus da Virus, Yogi Wan, Jaystar and Nataylia.
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