Reddman Uk: Artist Bio

Reddman UK knew from an early age that his calling was in the music industry. It didn’t go unnoticed by his parents either as a young Reddman would use any bits of paper he could find to write his music on – which included his school books!

Inspired by the legendary Bob Marley, Bounty Killer and Gappy Ranks, Reddman says of his sound and style “What makes me different is i’m not all one tone, i’m always creating something new. All I can say is I give the people exactly what they want.”

With an impressive 13 year resume under his belt, which sees him appearing on Later with Jools Holland with his long time friend Sean Paul, working with the So Solid Crew and more recently Gappy Ranks, it won’t be long before Reddman UK is the hottest name on everyone’s lips.

His debut EP ‘Talk of the Town‘ can be downloaded from iTunes now

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