Review: Mythology by the Bee Gees

Mythology album by the Bee Gees
Mythology album by the Bee Gees

  “They say the future is always brighter if you can let go of the past, but the Bee Gees will live on forever in my heart” Barry Gibb 2010

3rd December 2012 sees the release of Mythology by the Bee Gees. An album that Barry and the late Robin Gibb began to put together in 2010 to mark the group’s 5 decades in the music business.

Fill with hidden gems and songs forgotten with time, there’s no need to dust off LP’s or rewind warped and worn cassette tapes to feel the nostalgia. “These are pretty much our personal favorites…This is now the Bee Gees 50th anniversary, and by the Bee Gees, I mean all four brothers…” explains Barry in the liner notes.

The four-disc boxed set produced to mark the golden anniversary and sharing 50 years worth of memories is a must for fans old and new. Each disc spotlights a different brother and contains songs loved by each of them, even including a disc dedicated to their youngest brother Andy Gibb – who died tragically in 1988 at the age of 30.

With 81 tracks personally chosen by Barry and Robin including the help of Maurice’s widow Yvonne – their children Adam & Samantha and Andy’s daughter Peta. “I always see our songs as ‘just us brothers’ having a good time…When I look back now it is more about the journey, not the arrival.” says Robin, who sadly passed away earlier this year on 20th May 2012.

Held in such high esteem as the Beatles and Elvis, the Bee Gees have produced a real legacy of songs, songs that will live on long after all of their ‘Spirits have flown.’ Bee Gees Mythology boxset

If you never knew the Bee Gees, in listening to Mythology you’ll be surprised at just how many of their hits have been covered by other artists throughout the decades. Yes, that hit by Steps ‘Tragedy‘, ‘Night Fever‘ Adam Garcia, ‘Words‘ Boyzone and ‘HeartbreakerDionne Warwick were all Bee Gees originals. The collection also highlights songs from their vast catalogue of hits, such as ‘Spicks and Specks’ (1966); the title track from the 1969 concept album Odessa; ‘Spirits (having flown)‘ (1979) and from their 20th and final studio album, before Maurice’s passing in 2003, ‘Man in the Middle‘ (2001).

Mythology also debuts a couple of Maurice’s tracks; ‘Angel of Mercy‘ and ‘The Bridge‘ along with nearly all of Andy’s songs from his 1977 debut album Flowing Rivers. Including his number one hits ‘I just want to be your everything‘ and ‘(Love is) Thicker than water‘. Incidentally this latter hit knocked the Bee Gee‘s ‘Staying Alive‘ single off the US top spot, only to be sucker-punched off by the Bee Gee’s hit ‘Night Fever‘ which was then replaced by Yvonne Elliman’s hit ‘If I can’t have you‘ a hit that was written by non-other than Barry Gibb! Making him the first person in history to write 4 consecutive US number one singles.

The box-set comes complete with a 67 page booklet filled with some never-before published family photos, words by Barry and Robin, their long-time manager Robert Stigwood along with tributes from a wealth of artists like Elton John, George Martin, Brian Wilson, Cliff Richard, Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick, Justin Timberlake and even Taylor Swift!

Mythology will warm many a heart and is the perfect gift for Christmas and beyond. Long live the Bee Gees!

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