Peter Andre

PJ&A – Post Jordan & Andrew

Up Close & Personal
Up Close & Personal Tour

A few weeks back I went to see Peter Andre at his ‘Up Close and Personal’ tour of the UK, and it truly was a ‘Perfect Night’.

But what struck me as remarkable about Peter was his inner strength and ability to put all his daily stresses behind him for a few hours to perform for and entertain his grateful following.

I remember seeing him perform during his ‘Revelation’ Tour at De Montfort Hall, Leicester in 2010. This was after a much public break-up and eventual divorce with Katie Price.

Peter took to the stage and wowed the audience with visual displays, sexy choreographed moves and fantastic backing dancers, when all the while his words were tormenting him as he poured out autobiographical songs like – ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and ‘Call The Doctor’.

Now there I sat almost 3 years later in the same venue watching Peter perform after yet more heartache and pain, only a few weeks after having lost his older brother Andrew to cancer. Peter isn’t in the habit of letting his fans down – although this would have been understandable given the situation – and he wasn’t about to then!

In the Katie & Peter show we watched events unfold as Katie berated him in front of millions, whilst in his show ‘My Life’ we watched as he went on a mission to make his brother Andrew’s final year on this earth the best one ever. We cried with him, laughed (usually at him) we shared the journey too and there I sat in appreciation for what he was putting himself through all for the sake of his fans and his art.

Peter even wrote a song dedicated to his fans called ‘Thank You’ which he performed along with his brother Chris Andre. Speaking to the crowd he said, “…I may not get radio play but I always write what I like.” and that’s something that is rare these days – ARTIST INTEGRITY.

Unfortunately for fans, the song ‘Thank You’ doesn’t feature on his latest offering ‘Angels and Demons’, but perhaps we should ask Peter to release it as a single? What do you think? Would you like to own your own copy of the single?

Let me know what you think?

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