Nottingham Crowd Boo’s Olly Murs

During his concert at the Capital FM Arena Nottingham, Olly Murs was booed on stage by the crowd, but what got the crowd all riled up? Well…Olly himself of course! He asked his army of fans to stage the boo’s which he captured on video.

“At every concert I’ve asked the audience to do me a favor, something funny for my facebook page…” he said  “tonight I want you guys to boo me!”

The request didn’t seem to go down too well at first with shouts of ‘NO!’ and’We love you Olly!’ but after a few seconds of cajoling, the crowd were like putty in his hands, answering his very wish.

If you’re thinking of going to see Olly Murs in concert I can tell you it’s every bit worth the money. After a rocky start with the music being slightly too loud for his voice, Olly got into full swing belting out his lovable hits ‘Troublemaker‘ ‘Heart on my sleeve‘ and ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go‘ definite crowd pleasers.

I really enjoyed Olly’s interaction with the audience, a couple of young fans held up a banner saying ‘Olly blow us a kiss’- he waved at the excited fans and sent a kiss fluttering their way – you should have seen the elation on their faces!

“I’ve had an amazing 3 years,” Olly stated in between songs  “…I love doing this and hope to do it for a few more years.”

The cheeky chappy will have you laughing at his comical dance moves – which included a few hip thrust and crotch grabbing moments thrown in for good measure. My highlight of the night though had to be when a walkway was lowered from the arena ceiling, Olly walked out above the crowd, stopping and posing for pictures, while making his way to a smaller stage at the back of the arena where he got up close and personal with the crowd there – every fan certainly got their money’s worth.

Here’s my pictures from the concert, enjoy.

Let me know what you think?

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