Music-streaming Services in 2013

YouTube logoIts been reported that YouTube is planning on launching a music-streaming service later this year much like their rivals Spotify.

spotify logo

Spotify, who were reported to have 20 millions users in December 2012, is the most dominant player in the market and YouTube now want a piece of the action.

YouTube, who currently do not charge users for their service but sells advertising against their videos, plan on offering access to millions of songs for a monthly subscription with the new service.

Google Play logo

Google, who own YouTube, are also in talks with record companies to develop a streaming-service of its own. Google Play for Android the current service, allows users to buy music which can be accessed from all of their devices.

Now Apple are holding talks with Beats Electronics, the firm co-founded by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, about music-streaming in 2013.

News sourced from the Telegragh

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