Timotha Lanae

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Neo2Soul Promotions

Timotha Lanae “RED” Review : The best review of this Album is done by the lady herself in the short intro track intro to the album “A touch of Jazz,R&B, Soul and Hip Hop too I mix these together and make my grooves

“From Minneapolis Timotha  demonstrates her creativity in this varied  new set,” My Man” opens with a groove aimed straight at the dance floor as Timotha sings “You could be my man” with enough conviction to make you believe it.

Radio” featuring guest vocalist Stokley Williams is a catchy tune guaranteed to get air play and one of two collaborations on the album.

Intoxicated” features Desdemona ‘s spoken word skills to set a great mellow groove, a style that suits Timothy’s vocal range  across the album other mellow tunes  include the title track “ Red”, Softly In…

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