Roulette by Blue

Blue 2013Blue are back with their 4th Studio album ‘Roulette‘ and boy have they taken a gamble with this spin!

If you were looking to take a trip back down memory lane, with some bouncing summer RnB tracks like ‘All Rise‘, ‘Fly By‘, ‘One Love‘ and the down-right sexy, chart-topping ‘Too Close‘ then think again. What Blue have ‘Signed, Sealed and Delivered‘ is light-years away from what you’d remember the young, hip, bad boys producing as a collective.

Yes, if you’ve listened to their individual albums (all bar Simon Webbe’s ‘Sanctuary’) then this new Indie-pop album ‘Roulette‘ seems like a natural progression for them. Antony Costa’s ‘Heart Full of Soul‘, Duncan James’ ‘Future Past‘ and Lee Ryan’s debut album of the same name were all similar and saw them shift from the music that they produced in Blue, however during an interview on ITV’s ‘The Big Reunion’ Lee commented that the Indie-rock style album he had released was not what he wanted to do and was chosen for him by his management of the time, the style of album Lee actually wanted to produce was soul.

So how does ‘Roulette‘ fair? well to be honest on the 2nd and 3rd plays you’ll find some gems. For me the album opener with Duncan’s strong-husky voice on ‘Hurt Lovers‘ is a power ballad that may see the lads take the crown left by Westlife, while ‘Without You‘ and ‘Heart on My Sleeve‘ are other great songs. The track, ‘Break You Down‘ is perhaps the closet you’ll get to the old tunes – in terms of the risque lyrics, while ‘Paradise‘ & ‘Sing for Me‘ are catchy but sound like entries for this years Eurovision, which isn’t such a bad thing…if we win!

With the album currently riding in the top 10 of the down-load charts, it seems that this spin of the roulette wheel will see the lads firmly into the red and not leave them feeling black and blue.

Head on over to iTunes to purchase a copy of the album or upload your picture and bag yourself a personalised copy at Mixpixie

For official news and tour dates visit the website

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