NCS and Kidulthood’s Adam Deacon

This week’s NCS update comes from Adam Deacon, star of the controversial film Kidulthood and its follow-up Adulthood.

In the video message produced by SB.TV, Adam shares his own personal experiences and advises teenagers to believe in themselves, whilst having the confidence to use the internet, Twitter and Youtube to get want they want out of work and life.

Adam says: “I wanted to be an actor. I started when I was 12, but didn’t really know how to get into it. I used to go to the drama school…and I used to just go up for castings and just keep at it…I did Kidulthood, went on to Adulthood couple more films then I got my own film, Avuvahood. Obviously, Anuvahood was the first time kinda dabbling with the whole directing thing and it’s something that I love doing.”

“I always felt passionate about the work anyway before…I’d be quite vocal on set and say ‘I think it should be like this’ or ‘It should be like that’…So I realised that I feel confident with it and it’s something that I definitely want to do again.

Any pioneer out there trying to do something with themselves, I think you should have self belief, have confidence, you’ve got to do the work, no one is going to come and knock on your door. I always say it, but it’s true. You have to put in the first steps.

Take advantage of everything that is out there like the internet, Twitter, YouTube. Use it and don’t be scared to ask for help as well. There’s people out there that will help young people, you’ve just got to go and find them.”

This self belief video is a joint venture between SB.TV and the NCS, a programme for 16-17 year olds across the UK. Previous video’s have come from Rita Ora, Krept & Konan and Wretch 32. The final message will come from Ed Sheeran on July 1st.

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