Olga: Anam Cara – A Musical Film

New Orleans Blues artist Olga Wilhelmine and Director Declan Ryan are to make a 12 minute musical film incorporating songs from Olga’s ‘Whatever You Want’ album.

Entitled Anam Cara, which means ‘Soul Friend’ in Gaelic, the film will be based around 3 of the albums songs and the team have turned their efforts to Indiegogo as a means to raise the much deserved funds.

Speaking about the film Olga says:
“What we’re wanting to do is make a short film that is basically incorporating 3 of my songs…instead of dialogue we are utilizing the music as the actual story line. It’s not quite like a music video it’s more of a short film and that what makes this project very special and why we need your help.”

If you would like to know more about the project and to donate visit Olga and Declan’s campaign here