Investment Opportunity with Music Gateway

15% equity share of the Music Gateway business for musicians to share

Jon Skinner, CEO & Founder of Music Gateway is looking to musicians for investment in the company which launched earlier this year.

Since Music Gateway began in August, the company has seen a 62% growth with registered users now recorded at over 10,000. Their unique business platform has served over 750 music project opportunities and received nearly  3000 pitches to date.

Jon Skinner explains, “I must start by thanking all of our founder members for their continued support and help in making Music Gateway happen. It is of fundamental importance to me personally that, as we grow, I look to include them in our success…We have invested just under £300,000 to get us (music gateway) to this point. We are now ready to implement our strategic marketing plan for rapid expansion…2014 is going to be a huge year for the company and I simply cannot wait.”

Jon is offering a 15% equity share of the Music Gateway business for musicians to share, through Crowd Cube – a crowd funding product. Investors can invest as little as £10 and for every £1 invested, company projections show a 10 fold return within 3 years!

Having recently partnered and integrated with BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), Music Gateway is going from strength to strength. “We have a long list of great new features that we really think all of our users are going to love. So with the additional funding, I will be looking to increase the size of the web and creative team in order to deliver the awesome new features that we have in store for you.” says Creative Director – Phil Carr.

Potential Investors are urged to review Music Gateway’s pitch, business plans and financial projections online Music Gateway – Crowd Cube Pitch

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