Signs by Kaz Simmons

Kaz SimmonsOctober 2013 saw the release of Kaz Simmons fourth album ‘Signs‘ but unlike previous offerings this album isn’t a jazz one. Think Kate Bush, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull and you’ll begin to picture what Kaz Simmons has in ‘Signs‘.

There’s an old feel to the album yet she sings – in her butterfly-like soft voice – of current situations, ‘London Loves’ and ‘Staying in’ were in fact inspired by the Internet dating scene, the latter featuring the voice of good friend Ben Lamdin of Nostalgia 77.

I really love the arrangement of the stories being sung, ‘For the Love of Big L’ about London, ‘Signs’ about signals being misread between two people while not forgetting her gorgeous performance of the popular ‘You Belong to Me’ originally recorded by Sue Thompson and covered by Patsy Cline, The Duprees and Bob Dylan among others.

All in all ‘Signs’ is a delicate and tranquil album, full of character and charm just like Kaz Simmons herself.

Download now from Itunes, Amazon or Bandcamp

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