Veludo by Guida De Palma & Jazzinho

Veludo album artwork‘Veludo’ the album by Guida De Palma & Jazzinhowas a real labour of love, the release of which came to fruition through the help of fans and crowd-funding platform Indiegogo last year.

It’s the third album by the group and one of my favorites to date, keeping with the sounds of 70’s Jazz and Bossa nova. Guida voice at times – while quite unique – reminds me of Dionne Warwick and I love the way she effortlessly flutters between low and high notes like a butterfly.

Look out for songs ‘Autum Monsoon’ and ‘April’s Fool’ the lyrics of which stick in my mind “Run to the one who has been dreaming all his life for someone like you…this is no April’s Fool…” but perhaps my favorite songs on the album are ‘A Seed in You’ – the duet with Leon Ware which beautifully blends Portuguese and English lyrics, accompanied by flirty flutes – ‘Papão’ (Bogeyman) a carnival style song  – and finally ‘Abraço Da Bossa’ (Embracing Bossa) which I adore! I can just imagine dancing on the moonlit streets of Rio to this one.

So much love went into the making of this album you just have to have a listen. Graham Harvey (of Incognito), Femi Temowo (ex MD of Amy Winehouse), the National Opera string section with conductor Maestro Pedro Amaral, Richard Bull (sound engineer behind Incognito & George Benson) and the incredible Leon Ware – who’s worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones – all having a hand in orchestrating Veludo.

The album is available for download now and if you want to see Jazzinho & Guida De Palma live – Good News! they’ll be in London at the Richmix, Bethnal Green Road, Saturday 28th February.

For more information and tickets visit Richmix

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