London Bread by Daniel De Bourg

Daniel De Bourg londonI’m predicting big things to come for artist Daniel De Bourg since the release of his debut album ‘London Bread‘ in 2013.

The former Fix-Factor – ahem I mean X Factor – finalist has gone from strength to strength since leaving the show and with no management backing (until recently) has managed to produce one of the best RnB albums I’ve heard in a while.

The first slice of ‘London Bread‘ is a real strong club banger called ‘Mind Over Matter’ featuring rapper Young O. Dan’s suave tones set against the gritty track has you hooked from the beginning and leads nicely into ‘Brink of Amazing’ a track about being at the verge of success, losing a lover and being at ease knowing that they’ve lost out – I wonder if there’s any truth in that track. In fact listening to the whole album you get the sense you’re on an autobiographical roller coaster, twisting through emotions of love, passion and pain before reaching reflection.

After a few rounds of love lost, ‘She Know How’ tells of finding happiness again with what seems like the perfect low maintenance woman “…I got pockets full of money but she don’t even care, I tell them bitches not to call me cuz I’m with my baby…” this track has Drake’s imprint all over it but I have to admit I’d choose Dan’s dulcet tones any day of the week.

More lovey-doviness continues up to track 5 where in true man-fashion it’s time to wrestle demons in the dark song ‘Run’, “…Don’t try to fix me cause you wont, many have tried and I broke every last one of their beautiful souls…” Dan warns. But it’s ‘She Said’ that has to be the most powerfully emotive of all songs on the album – it’s just explosive!

Following this climax the album takes a turn to songs of searching and wandering in ‘Body to Body’ before reaching reflection and regret in ‘The Reason’.

Fans of Neo, Drake, Usher and Trey Songz will absolutely love Daniel De Bourg’s first offering which has a great mix of up and down tempo tracks. I just can’t wait to hear more from this guy and see him performing live.

To keep up to date with Dan, follow him on Twitter @danieldebourg and Bandcamp

I’ll leave you with his latest song, a remake the Michael Jackson classic ‘Human Nature’.


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