Where You Are by Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams picSince experiencing the enchanting voice of soul singer Natalie Williams as she supported Mario Biondi in concert last year with Incognito, I’ve eagerly awaited the release of her album ‘Where You Are‘ and I love what I hear.

The album shimmies off with a toe-tapping, latin affair ‘Nobody Like You’ a flirty ode to a loved one before smoothly moving into the soulful ‘Little Girl’ and ‘Where You Are’ the album’s title song which is just one of my absolute favorites and one that brought a little tear to my eye. Though the song is towards a womanly figure – Natalie’s grandmother, it reminded me of my grandfather and the little words of wisdom he used to pass on to me – “…all these things that you say, never leave my side and your smile will live on in my mind…” it’s clear that this song is coming straight from the heart as it resonates deep within me.

I love how only basic instrumentation is used throughout the album so as not to detract from the words of each song, for Natalie is a really strong song-writer, you only have to listen to ‘The Flame’, ‘Untie These Knots’ and ‘Immortal’ to see how powerfully emotive her songs are.

The grand finale of the album comes in the form of a Harlem gospel version of Paul Simon‘s ‘Gone at Last’, which sees Natalie’s sweet angelic voice switch from delicate rose to one of power and conviction. You can’t help but clap and dance around as ‘Gone at Last’ banishes the away the blues.

Although you’ll find ‘Where You Are’ slightly different to Natalie Williams‘ other offerings, it’s still a very strong album and the perfect accompaniment for drives out or winding down after a long day – it will be on rotation in my house for many more nights to come.

For more news on Natalie Williams visit her website or catch her live at Ronnie Scotts, London where she plays on a regular basis.


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