This Time by Thomas James

Thomas James - This Time reviewI’m very much into representing artists of Jazz, Latin and Soul music as I feel the genres are very much under-represented in the media, but every now and then something pops up in my inbox that, as much as I try to ignore – being a lover of music – I just can’t, the album ‘This Time’ by Thomas James is one of those albums and I love it!

‘This Time’, takes the listener back to the good old days of big curly perms, dynasty style shoulder pads and two-stepping it around the dance floor. I’m talking Brother Beyond, Duran Duran and a little bit of the House Martins – the brilliant 80’s era.

The first two tracks of the album are my favorites, ‘In Love & War’ and ‘1989’ – that’s the one that really gets me going “…like a slow scene from a movie, stuck inside a traffic line, stop, stand-still or rewind…” he sings and if you take a moment to really listen to the lyrics opposed to music – there’s real talent there!

‘This Time’ also boasts other quality songs, ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’, ‘Deepest Blue’ and ‘Close The Curtain’ all of which get a replay in my car. I have to say this is a fantastic debut from the 24 year old Londoner, one that can easily be listened to at any time of the day for a quick pick me up – I’m quite looking forward to what else Thomas James has to offer.

For more information visit his twitter @thomasjamesuk

You can download ‘This Time’ for free from bandcamp – but I’d urge you to donate something, the album really is worth every penny.