Juliette Ashby’s ‘BitterSweet’ Pledge Music Campaign

Juliette Ashby at the Playtime Festival LondonExciting news!! Juliette Ashby will be releasing her debut album ‘BitterSweet’ this year but through Pledge Music.

The campaign which started last week invites people to pledge in return for some fantastic gifts, which include, signed copies of her album, Secret Gigs, A songwriting session with Juliette, A gig in your home – and much much more!

Here’s what she has to say;

Hi everyone hope you are all feeling blessed and happy! I’ve got some exciting news about my DEBUT album!

My baby is coming to life….took a while but everything in life happens when it’s meant to.

It’s the first album and the title name means everything to me on so many different levels – Some of you already know….and the rest of you will soon figure it out…..

The name of my debut album is…….BitterSweet…..xxx

I’m getting together with PledgeMusic to release my album in a brand new way. Through this amazing platform you will be able to pre-order or ‘pledge’ for “BitterSweet”- my first born !!!

Over the next few months I will be finishing the album off, which will have songs that I recorded in Sweden ” GROW LIKE A SEED ” & ” NOT TRYIN ” & the new songs I wrote and recorded in Atlanta with features from one of my idols DA BRAT amongst many more including brand new reggae/RnB BANGAS and some of the songs from my EP ” Acoustic Emotions” but this time with BIG FAT FULL PRODUCTION!!!

As soon as you pre-order my “BitterSweet ” album you will be get an instant download of the finished mixed & mastered unreleased single “Over & Over” which was recorded in Atlanta with So So Def’s Mike Kalombo and will also be on the album.

As part of my pledge community you will get weekly video blogs that are an exclusive look into how the album was made in Sweden, Atlanta and London plus from time to time little presents from me 😉

Alongside the debut album you will be able to pledge on exclusives & limited things – including personalised handwritten lyrics, your name in the artwork for the album, a one to one skype songwriting session with me, pieces of my favourite jewellery worn by me and much much more! This is gonna be a fun ride with you lot !!!

There’s a little percentage-ometer on this page so you can keep a track. Once we hit the 100% target, we can start to send out some of the limited items and once the pledge date has ended we can get the rest out to you …not forgetting the album of course! You won’t have to pay a thing until we reach that 100% target!

One of the best things about all of this is that I will also be able to donate a percentage of all proceeds to a charity close to my heart, SAVE THE MUSIC to help them continue their amazing work with helping raise awareness about how important music is to kids.

Thank you for your continued support on my journey…. couldnt do it without you…. BIG LOVE & BLESSINGS…….and don’t forget to HOLD TIGHT & STRAP IN !!! WHOOOOOP WHOOOOOOP

Juliette Ashby

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