Don’t Ask Me Why – Jake

JakeWhenever I hear of people harping on about how much they loved Amy Winehouse, I take it with a pinch of salt. Is this for their own gain?(I ask) Do they even have talent? but here in the artist known as Jake the answers to my questions are No (it’s not for his gain) and Yes he does have talent!

‘Don’t Ask Me Why’ is the next single to be released by the Madrid singer Jake Boncutiu and is very different to his previous sounds. What we have here is a mid-tempo, 60’s pop vibe – you know the type of song that has the shoulders bouncing and hips keeping a timely beat.

The single will be released digitally on the 6th May with all earnings going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation – set up by Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse to support and inspire disadvantaged young people as well as help those from a drug and alcohol misuse background.

Jake also has a Just Giving page where donations for the Amy Winehouse Foundation can also be made.

For more information on Jake follow him on;

The Record Maka – official website




Let me know what you think?

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