The One For Me by Harriet Eaves

Harriet Eaves - The One For MeI get really excited when I hear artists singing without enhancements and lots of instruments diluting their vocal ranges, so when I received the album ‘The One For Me’ by Harriet Eaves, believe me I was blown away. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good album I can dance around to and get that uplifting feeling from the instruments but to hear an artist proudly let their voice be the instrument – that’s talent right there.

‘The One For Me’ boldly opens up with ‘Love Love Love’  a strong vocal piece with a racy piano accompaniment. Imagine sitting in the coolest 1930’s Jazz establishment with a feather boa’d clad Harriet Eaves on stage – that’s the feeling you get from this whole album.

I just love the backing harmonies on ‘Get In Your Way’, the jolliness of ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ but it’s ‘Peel Me a Grape’ which is my favorite song on the album and the one that lets me unleash my inner Burlesque diva.

Harriet’s voice is magnificent, the classically trained singer’s voice effortlessly glides between low and high notes without the slightest of faltering, which although apparent throughout the album, is most clearly heard in title song The One For Me.’

‘The One For Me’ contains a mixture of original and re-made compositions – Billie Holiday‘s ‘God Bless The Child’, Frankie Vallie‘s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off You’ and Britney Spear‘s ‘Toxic’, I never thought ‘Toxic’ could sound so sexy!

Harriet Eaves’ album is one for quiet evenings while you indulge in a good book, or can easily be enjoyed at decadent dinner parties.

‘The One For Me’ will be released in May but is available now for pre-order through iTunes – go get your copy! I have mine!

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