Vin Diesel sings Rihanna

Just spotted the facebook video below (see ‘post’ link) and feel I have to share it with you all.

It’s a video of Vin Diesel singing a song by Rihanna, while his voice is not the best I’ve ever heard I think with training he could be quite a good singer.

Anyway the reason I’m showing you all this, is not really about his singing but to show you something which might inspire you.

Vin know’s that he’s stepped out of his comfort zone as an actor and exposed himself in such a way that he could get slated left, right and centre but he’s done it anyway.

I hope that this video inspires you also to follow your heart, do something that feels right to you, ignore the negativity that you may get from others and enjoy your life – Dare To Be Different!




Let me know what you think?

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