Musicvein Advice Series – Introduction

Musicvein world logoA new short series of articles is coming to Musicvein which aims to help new musicians starting out in the industry.

Over the course of a few months I’ve contacted people in a wide range of fields, tapping into their industry knowledge to pass onto you.

Making it in the industry nowadays is very different to around 15-20 years ago. Back in the day ‘Indie’ (and by that I mean Independent – not alternative) artists struggled to make it without the backing of a label.

It was the labels and their cash injections that really made an artist noticeable, you had a person for everything! An artist would make a demo, send it to a Record Company who would then sign you up – think you’re gonna make millions by this? think again. So much money would go into making the artist saleable with the hiring of, Photographers, Publicists, Videographers, Models, Actors, Studios blah blah blah, spend spend spend! If the label made a return happy days for them, if not poor you (Next artist please they hail). You’d be lucky if you saw any money unless you had a hand in writing the songs themselves.

Nowadays with the rise in Internet usage, we’re seeing a trend in artists making a name for themselves and slowly building up their reputations by Networking and Promoting themselves through online platforms. They’re making important connections with journalists and bloggers 🙂 who specialize in promoting the type of music they’re playing. No longer is it ‘All about the music’ and ‘My music speaks for itself – fans will find me’ – unless you’re the messiah you need to get real – artists need to treat themselves as a business – get savvy!

Facebook and Twitter do get a bad rap – ‘Big brother is watching…Careful what you say online it’ll come back at you,’ but in all honesty if you use it as a Business tool instead of posting your personal details on what you had to eat, who you did what with, where and how :/ – you’ll find that you can reap the rewards of using these media platforms.

And when it comes to your music, my advice is unless you’re sending it out for PR purposes ‘Don’t Give It Away!’ You’ve worked so hard on your compositions, let people pay for it, even if it’s a donation per track downloaded. In doing this, when you do give a ‘freebie’ away, it’s akin to California’s 1849 Goldrush – such will be the excitement and eagerness to own that exclusive download.

So if you’re newly starting out in the music business and not sure where to start, this short advice series will give you a handle on;

  • Marketing Your Music – Kathryn Ballard-Shut (TimKat Entertainment)
  • How PR Agencies can work for you – Monique Pennie (Purple Reign)
  • Music Law – Martine Alan & Elliot Chalmers
  • Radio Airplay – Helen Mayhew and More

Next week – we hear from Kathryn Ballard-Shut owner of TimKat Entertainment in the USA, giving her advice on Marketing Your Music.


Let me know what you think?

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