Raising Awareness of Albino Children with Rhyan

Here’s one for raising awareness – the video to debut single ‘When I’m With You’ by 16 year old singer Rhyan.

Wanting to do something worthwhile with his debut project, Rhyan, was honoured when approached by video producer Damian Wellers (Basement Jaxx, Laura Mvula) to use the song for one of his documentaries. “I was approached by Damian who was filming this project in Tanzania. He heard the song and instantly fell in love with it and asked if it could be the soundtrack to the documentary. I was overwhelmed by the story and felt the music would fit.”

Rhyan and Damian travelled to Tanzania to meet with Sister Helena and the albino people of the Mwanza and Shinyanga regions.

“People with Albinism living in Tazania fear for their lives from the day they are born. Their body parts bring wealth and success and are in demand. I really hope this video raises awareness of this and the great work that Sister Helena and ZeruZeru are doing. We went out to help with their projects whilst shooting the video and it was a life changing experience. I want the video to give an insight into how the albino people live and also how we can help.”

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