Carmen: Seduction Of The Promise – Album Launch

CarmenIt’s been a while in the making but finally the waiting was over to hear the new material by seductive latina Carmen – at her album launch party, St Martins Coffee House, Leicester.

The air was energized and hot with anticipation of what was to come from the young madam who was in fact celebrating her forthcoming 21st birthday that very night too.

Striking off with Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Stronger Than Me’, Carmen eased gently into the set, I was somewhat disappointed though cause if you’re doing Amy and such a feisty, cussing song at that – you better bring all you got or go home and I just couldn’t feel that strength that I know Carmen can bring! it had to be the nerves of knowing that she was to be presenting all her hard work that she had sweated over night after night, perfecting until ready for the light of day. But I needed have worried for once the ‘holy water’ kicked in (it couldn’t have been vodka in that huge tumbler) all hell broke loose in the house.

Getting down and dirty with classic songs Carmen drip fed the crowd just what they were thirsting for, Funk, Motown and a whole lot a Soul! We were ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’, Getting it on with Marvin Gaye, chanting ‘Aint No Body’ with Chaka and getting on down like ‘Sex Machines’ the crowd was buzzing, warmed up, ready for the ‘Seduction Of The Promise’ and boy did Carmen deliver.

As the lights dimmed Carmen really showed what she was made of with song ‘Loving You Is Real’, hitting those high notes perfectly and presenting to the crowd the first of many songs from the album.

‘La Cancion’ which translates to The Song was perhaps my favorite song of the night while the crowd really got into ‘Loved You Last Night’ with the catchy chorus “hate you right now, but I loved you last night” yeah everyone’s been there, everyone could relate. By the time Carmen got into ‘Sweet As Honey’ the pre-orders were in for the album, she owned that song with her sassy swaying hips, delicate harmonies and that latin vibe coming through the track.

All in all the launch was a huge success, Seduction Of The Promise delivered on all points and I can’t wait for my physical copy to arrive for those long boring car journeys to and from work.

The album can be ordered now from Bandcamp

Let me know what you think?

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