Got To Let Go by Nate Williams

Musicvein Review on Nate Williams 'Got To Let Go'
Musicvein Review on Nate Williams ‘Got To Let Go’

Now hands up everyone who loves 80’s music, and I’m not talking the electro-pop ‘Don’t you want me baby‘ kind of vibe but the comforting sounds of Stevie Wonder, Karyn White, Prince, Michael Jackson, Peabo Bryson, Bobby Brown and Shalamar – need I go on?

Well let me introduce you all to the latest UK artist to tread those boards, welsh singer Nate Williams with his debut ‘Got To Let Go’.

As the cooler and notably darker nights draw in, we seek solace in those albums that bring lovers together, Neo-Soul and funk grooves that warm the cockles and ‘Got To Let Go‘ ticks all of those boxes and more. With songs of relationships and unrequited love the album starts with a gentlemanly nod to Maxwell in song ‘Best Friend’ while the melody of ‘Seven Years’ and talk box in ‘Infatuated’ has Stevie Wonder all over it.

Now when I reference these artists I’m not saying the songs are blatant copycats, not in the slightest. What Nate has done is dipped into those old 12″ collections, fed on the hedonistic rhythms and put forth a truly magnificent debut. With careful thought on the production, harmonies and lyrics you’d be forgiven for thinking Nate was their contemporary.

‘Off The Wall’ by Michael Jackson has to be one of my all time favorites and listening to Nate’s ‘Don’t Wanna Talk About It’ pays homage to this – subsequently staying on repeat for an energetic burst of funky chicken moves around the living room.

Look out for tracks ‘Not My Problem’ and ‘Just For Tonight’ which demonstrates not only what a great artist Nate Williams is but shows the makings of someone who will put British RnB music firmly back in the running.

I’m tipping Nate Williams for a Mobo Award next year – yes you heard it here first!

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