BGT Melton Mowbray – The Audition


Pic Left to Right - Jake Courts, Suzanne Forrester, Sophie Brown
Pic Left to Right – Jake Courts, Suzanne Forrester, Sophie Brown

It was a cold Sunday evening but that didn’t stop 20 hopefuls from travelling the breadth of Leicestershire and Lincolnshire to audition for Britain’s Got TalentMelton Mowbray.

Having sent in their audition tapes to Suzanne Forrester, owner of Performing Stars Academy, the auditionees were nervous but eager to show the BGT Research Team, Jake Courts and Sophie Brown, just what they were made of.


The youngest to perform was Remi Chapman, 10 from Remi Chapman Melton Mowbray. “I sang ‘Royals‘ by Lorde and did the cup song version, the panel were impressed because they hadn’t seen it done before.” When asked how it felt to perform in front of the team she said “they were really nice and made me feel comfortable, I wasn’t sure how it would be but I was excited that I was picked to audition and my friends were really supportive.”

Shauny O'Sullivan But it wasn’t just local talent that was showcased, 22 year old Leicester live wire Shauny ‘Mad Raddz’ O’Sullivan gave the research team something to mull over with his version of ‘How To Save A Life‘ by The Fray“I sang my song and dropped in some mad-freestylin man, they liked it and asked for more so that’s got to be a good sign right? I’ve been in care all my life and started writing and rapping at the age of 14, I just love it, the energy that you get from performing and spreading a message of peace and love. I’d love to get through because I’ve got so much more to give.”

After 3 hours of watching audition pieces, the judges left with a smile on their faces. Not letting on as to who were their favourite acts were Jake said “We’ve been really happy with the talent we’ve seen. We’re usually lucky if we find one act that we really like but we’ve actually seen 4! We’ve still got a few more places to go before we head back to London.”

“The next stage for us to present our findings to the Executive Producer and Team”  Sophie added “They watch every audition and then make their choices as to who will get through to the next round in February 2015”. 

Not even event host Suzanne, who had just over a week to organise everything, would let on as to who Jake and Sophie liked “I can’t say it’s more than my life’s worth but I was so happy with the turn-out” she beamed “The talent tonight was amazing, of course I have my favourites but we’ll just have to see. I really do hope they pick some people from this audition though.”

From the events of the night I have a pretty good guess myself as to which 4 the team were referring to, but as they all say we’ll have to wait and see.

Good Luck to all involved. From tomorrow I’ll bring you short interviews from all who auditioned.

If you’re interested in auditioning see Britain’s Got Talent 2015 for more details.

BGT Audition Flyer

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